olympic spirit: decorations

for my sister’s birthday, we had an olympic party!  at first, the games were just for the kids but most of the adults joined in the competitions as well! this is the first of a few posts from the olympic party!

the decorations

we covered foam wreaths with crepe paper to make the olympic rings.  this was our idea but i’m sure we weren’t the first to think of it.  it was so easy and looks really cute!  we hung these on the fireplace and intend to keep them there until the closing ceremonies!  (you could also use hula hoops if you want larger rings.)  the kids decided they weren’t good enough by themselves and added the streamers…those make all the difference huh 😉  (yes i just used an emoticon!)


cute right?!

see the desserts here and here – they are really cute – don’t miss out!


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