olympic spirit: the dessert (part 2)

my sister really wanted to make torch cone-cakes “for the kids.”

here’s how you do it: put the cones right side up in the cupcake tin (careful they are tippy – my brother-in-law wasn’t careful and dropped a few on the ground when we were carrying them out. we had to scrape off the frosting and redo them).  fill them about 3/4 full and bake for about 15-20 minutes or until done in the center.

tip: the second batch worked better because we were conserving the batter and filled them just a little less.  the first batch had a few that overflowed.  we just picked off the cake once it cooled but they didn’t look perfect!

then we tried out this cream cheese frosting recipe.  the pin said, “to die for!!” was it to die for + two exclamation points? – eh, no.  i do really like cream cheese frosting but i wouldn’t hesitate to buy the betty crocker frosting from the store.  its easy and good.

tip: keep the frosting in the fridge or your peaks won’t stand tall.  it also helps to decorate at the last minute or put the cupcakes in the fridge or a cool place so the shape stays.


see other olympic party ideas here: swimming pool cake, decorations.


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