lemon blueberry bread

has it been a long time or what?  things are settling down after summer and i have quite a few things to post about, it’s a little daunting actually.  what got me to sit down and write a blog post? well, i’m watching julie and julia right now while the little boy sleeps and big sister is off with her dad at a work party.  i’ve never actually seen the blog the movie is based on but in the movie, julie is a very entertaining writer – sorry i can’t live up to that!

for now, i’ll tell you about the beautiful and very tasty lemon blueberry bread.  perfect for a party or for your family or for yourself – just be careful, its hard to stay away from!

look how gorgeous it is:


oh i might just have to make it again!  here’s another picture of took and i’m showing it just because i think the blueberries look so cool!


juju good news has a whiter topping that makes it look even better!  how do you accomplish that, you might ask?

tip: when you are whisking the glaze together, use less lemon juice.  they recommend 3-4 tbsp of lemon juice, i used 4 and my topping turned out pretty clear.  next time i’ll try 3 tbsp.

tip: when you’re putting on the lemon syrup and the lemon glaze, be sure to put a pan under the cooling rack to catch the run off – if it’s not in the directions, i don’t think to do it!  i guess that’s pretty dumb of me and maybe as i continue cooking/baking i’ll think of those things before they happen or maybe i just won’t care about the mess!


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