oven rack cleaner

to be honest, i’m not sure why i decided to try this pin. i think it just sounded interesting to wash something using dryer sheets and dawn dish soap.

i was so shocked by how well it worked! i didn’t capture before and after pictures. the picture above is after. go take a look at your own oven racks for a before?

i have to admit, as i wiped the racks with the dryer sheets i kept thinking wow! this is easy. the grease is coming right off. but then i started to realize i have no basis for comparison. i mean it was easy, but compared to what?

i don’t think i’ve ever cleaned my oven racks before. is that weird? i’ve cleaned my oven. but i can’t recall specifically cleaning the racks.

so if you racks are looking pretty gross and you don’t really know how else to clean them, i’d recommend giving picklee’s solution a try.


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